Affordable Daycare with a Preschool Curriculum.
Rock Bridge Preschool - Columbia, MO - Announcements

Forms for Enrollment

Here is a list of forms you will need while you enroll your child at Rock Bridge Preschool:

Child Enrollment Form
Child Medical Exam Report
Key Contract
Specialized Instructions Form
Sunscreen Permission Form
Child information Sheet
Field Trip Permission Form/Audio Visual Permission Form
Parent Contract/Exit Contract
Emergency Authorization Form

View the Parent Handbook for more information.

Safe Environment

We want you to know your kids are safe with us.

Rock Bridge Preschool has been inspected by the State of Missouri Department of Health, the State of Missouri Department of Health Sanitation and the Missouri Division of Fire Safety. The Preschool keeps all cleaning supplies, poisons and medications stored away from children and placed in a childproof cabinet out of the children's reach.

The Preschool is equipped with approved fire alarms, first aid kits, fire extinguishers and all Staff is certified in CPR, first aid and AED. We practice emergency fire and tornado drills regularly and a plan is displayed for everyone to see.

Welcome to Rock Bridge Preschool!

Welcome to Rock Bridge Preschool. Here you will find the information regarding the care your child will receive from our Preschool. We hope by visiting our website, we will answer any questions you may have and provide you with a sense of security knowing that your child will be provided with a quality learning experience and a home away from home atmosphere.

Rock Bridge Preschool - Columbia, MO - Mission Statement

Mission Statement

"Our goal is to provide families the most affordable daycare with preschool curriculum in a loving, safe environment."

Philosophy of Rock Bridge Preschool

  • Rock Bridge Preschool will provide a safe and loving environment for your child while he/she is here.
  • We will have a kind, loving and respectable atmosphere.
  • We will provide your child with a wide range of learning activities in order to stimulate their mental development, social skills, large/small motor development, creative and emotional skills.
  • Each child will be treated as a special individual and will be taught to respect and be kind to others. We will encourage your child to be who they are and foster their curiosity and explore the different areas of life.
  • We look forward to open communication regarding your child and offer an open policy to discuss any questions, concerns, worries or ideas regarding your child.

Rock Bridge Preschool - Columbia, MO -

Rock Bridge Preschool is excited to offer parents the ability to see their child while they are at work.

Rock Bridge Preschool - Columbia, MO - See your child while at work